Shirt Plackets: Plain vs. French Placket

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Choosing a placket is an optional customization at Woodies.

There are two types of plackets offered at Woodies. The Seamless (or French) placket and the Plain placket.

The Plain Placket 

The plain placket is the most common placket.

Material of the shirt folded to the outside. Our plain placket is 1.25-1.5 wide. There are two rows of top to hem stitching, commonly 1/4″ in from each edge. Depending on whether a shirt is casual or formal, we will use either soft or hard interfacing.

The Seamless (or French Placket)

For the seamless placket, material of the shirt folded to the underside. No stitches show but should be present on the underside.

Which Placket Should I choose?

For this you’ll need to ask a couple questions:

  1. Is this a more formal or casual shirt? A more formal shirt would have a seamless placket vs. Plain
  2. Will you have a pocket? If you’re selecting a pocket, we recommend the plain placket
  3. Will you be wearing a tie? If yes, then we recommend a seamless placket

The option to select a placket is found under the”optional customizations” see screenshot below:

After you select “Optional Customizations” you’ll see the “Select Placket” option.

Any questions? Let us know at [email protected]

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