Why Woodies

Over 1 million combinations
of sizing and styles.

We often compromise our personal style and taste for something made for thousands of other men. How many of us can really say, that we fit into a mold of small, medium or large?

We started Woodies because standard sizing and styles didn’t make sense like they used to. Getting perfect fitting clothes, made especially for you has never been easier and more accessible than now.



Woodies shirt 1

We use premium fabric with all of our shirts.

Strong Collars
Woodies shirt 2

No weak, curling collars for you, sir. We use the highest quality cotton interfacing on every collar to make them stand strong and fit perfectly.

Horizontal Buttonhole
Woodies shirt 3

The bottom placket buttonhole always runs horizontal to add extra strength and durability to every shirt.

Woodies Label
Woodies shirt 4

Every part of your shirt should reflect you – down to the label. We leave space for your initials on every shirt we make because the most important label you wear should be your own.

Contrast Buttonhole
Woodies shirt 5

Contrasting blue thread marks our cuff placket buttonholes. A small detail that lends a modern spin to a classic look.

Placket Label
Woodies shirt 6

At the bottom of the front placket we sew in a small Woodies label. Just to make your friends jealous.


Hidden Coin Pocket
Woodies chinos 1

Tucked Belt Loops
Woodies chinos 2

French Fly for Added Strength
Woodies chinos 5

High Quality YKK Zipper
Woodies chinos 3

Super Strong (yet soft)
Woodies chinos 4

Flat Fell Crotch Seam
Woodies chinos 7

Reinforced Pocket and Thigh Bar Tacking
Woodies chinos 6


At Woodies our priority is making the best custom clothing, made to fit you. If on your first order there are any sizing adjustments that need to be made, we’ll take care of them. We have a knowledgeable crew who will walk you through the process. We’ll update your sizes and you’ll be ready for your next order.

Need help with a current order? Email [email protected]

Woodies return on us


If you’re not 100% happy with the fit of your first Woody, we’ll alter or remake it - on us.

*Please note that on international orders a subsidized reshipping fee ($20) may apply
Woodies easy reordering


Once you sign up and create a size profile we have all your measurements saved. Ordering and reordering perfect fitting clothes is quick and easy.


We’re a dedicated and lean team that eats breathes and sleeps shirts (and now bottoms!). Our founder, worked in retail buying most of his professional life, he was exposed to a world of mass manufacturing and impersonalization, and thought that there had to be a better way. He quit in 2013 and has never looked back.

Have any questions or comments for us? Shoot us a line at
[email protected]