Widespread vs. Spread Collar

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There is really no clear verdict hear. It depends on your style!

Both the widespread, and spread collar can be fantastic collars. As you may have guessed, the winner differs in this case, depending on what look you’re going for.

Here’s an overview of both collars:

The Widespread Collar 

The widespread collar is almost always worn with a suit or jacket because of how beautifully it sits under the lapels. Ties are often worn with this collar, but are not a necessity. The widespread collar is typically more formal than the others.

A widespread collar pairs well with a double button barrel cuff or French cuff.


The Spread Collar

The spread collar is a versatile option. It looks great buttoned up with a suit and tie, but can look just as good unbuttoned and dressed down after work.

A spread collar can be paired with a single button or double button barrel cuff or a French cuff.


It All Comes Down to Look

Are you trying to be a little more forward with your tastes? Then a widespread collar can be a great choice. Are you looking for something more versatile, that looks good dressed up or down? Then the spread collar may be a great choice!

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