The Sustainable Stretch Jeans – All You Need to Know

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Here’s everything you need to know about The Sustainable Stretch Jeans…

We’ve all had that pair of jeans that we loved. They fit just right, they were soft yet durable… But then you outwore them, outgrew them or worse off… Lost them!

And ever since then you’ve been settling; too big, too generic, too cheap.

Well, we’re recapturing that magic! Introducing your new favorite jeans, The Sustainable Stretch Denim, from Woodies.

Each pair of jeans is made custom for you, and We Guarantee a Perfect Fit. Imagine the satisfaction in knowing that every pair of jeans you order will fit just right… We make this dream a reality.

If, on your first order something doesn’t feel right, we’ll send you a complimentary remake! We can accomodate any size.

Enjoy a full range of unconstrained movement with our smart stretch fabric.

We’re proud to be using premium organic cotton in our denim fabric. Feel good about what you wear.

We’ve sourced premium hardware, so your jeans will be looking great for years to come.

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We spared no expense sourcing the some of the best denim. A perfect blend of 98% organic cotton and 2% elastane. At 12.75 oz, this denim is sturdy enough to last many years, yet great for year round wear.



We’ve been developing our line of denim for over 2 years. We obsess over details, and nothing less than perfection would do.

We’re super proud to be working with one of the world’s first LEED certified denim mills. They’re focused on renewable energy and plan to be carbon neutral by 2025.

Our mill has a state of the art water filtration plant. The majority of the water used in producing our denim is recycled.

Fast fashion  and mass manufacturing have created an epidemic of unsold merchandise (read here) and waste.

At Woodies, we believe in Micro Manufacturingnot mass manufacturing. Our jeans are sewn piece by piece, for our individual backers. What does that mean (aside from an amazing pair of custom jeans)? A lot less waste.

You choose the sizing, style and wash of your jeans. You’ll be able to make these selections once the campaign ends.


Our jeans are expensive to make. How expensive? 2-3 times your typical off-the-rack pair. So how do we offer our backers such great value? We sell directly to you. No retail markups. No distribution markups.

We strive to give our backers a great value and through our direct-to-consumer model we maintain the highest quality and construction.

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