The Performance Shirt 2.0 – All You Need to Know

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Here’s everything you need to know about The Performance Shirts 2.o…

Guys, let’s be real. Do you really love your dress shirts?

We always make trade-offs when we buy shirts. Maybe we love the fabric, but hate the fit. Or we love the fit, but hate the collar or cuff… Now is the time to stop settling!

At Woodies we guarantee a perfect fit, you design a shirt you’ll love, and our new Stain Repelling Performance 2.0 Fabric will have you looking fresh.

Our new Stain Repelling Performance Shirt will have you looking good, staying clean and feeling comfortable.

 Prone to spills and stains? We’ve got you covered! We use proprietary stain repelling technology to ensure that you look great.

Our Perfect Fit Guarantee is what you’ll come to love most. If on your first try something doesn’t feel right, we’ll send you a complimentary remake! We accomodate any sizing.

Enjoy a full range of unconstrained movement with our smart stretch fabric.

Get from Point A to Point B in style and looking fresh. Our shirts are Iron Free.

1. You’ll enter in your custom sizing (with as little as your height, weight and average shirt size)! We use advanced sizing algorithms that calculate all your measurements in seconds.

This shirt is made custom to your sizes (and we accomodate ANY size)!

2. And you’ll select your customizations.

*optional customizations – placket style, back pleat.

With our innovative fabric you’ll be wearing our shirts a lot more, and doing a lot less laundry… And you’ll help save the environment along the way!

We sell directly to you. No retail markups. No middlemen.

We strive to give backers a great value and through our direct-to-consumer pricing we maintain the highest level of quality and construction.

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