How to Care for Raw Denim

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Nothing ages finer than raw denim.

Raw denim has long been a favorite of any jean/denim fabric buff. Why? Well for a myriad of reasons… One of the primary reasons being the natural fades.

How to Care for Raw Denim

Raw denim is not for your average pedestrian, though. It takes some work and a little patience but if you put in the work, your raw denim jeans will soon become your favorite.

Here are some tips for wearing in and caring for your jeans —

  1. Wash them as little as possible – most denim nerds wear their jeans for at least 1 month straight (or 30+ wears) before even considering washing them. Over time, the bleeding/color transfer will stop, the jeans will mold to your body, and the beautiful fades will begin to appear.
  2. After a good break in period, if you need to wash your raw denim we recommend hand-washing them in a tub with a mild soap. Let them soak for a couple hours, wring them out and hang dry.

And there you have it, our brief recommendations for wearing in your wonderful, new pair of raw denim jeans!

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