The Ultimate Shirt Shirt Cuff Style Guide

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We wanted to put together a solid guide to help you determine which dress shirt cuff is best for you

The Single Button Barrel Cuff

The single button barrel cuff is a no brainer.

It’s a versatile option, it can be formal, it can be casual, and you can wear it down, or rolled up. Possibilities are endless! If you’re going for something casual the single button barrel might be the best choice.



Cuff Height: 2.5”

The Double Button Barrel Cuff

The double button barrel cuff is a more formal option than it’s cousin the single button barrel cuff.

The DB barrel cuff may be a great option if, a) you want a dressy shirt, but don’t like French cuffs or b) you’d like to make a statement and be a little more fashion forward. The DB barrel cuff stands higher than the single button barrel and French cuff, because of the two horizontal buttons.



Cuff Height: 3”

The French Cuff

Undoubtedly the French cuff, is your most formal option.

The French cuff is always worn with either cufflinks or French cuff knots. We’d never recommend pairing a French cuff with a button down collar, that’s really like mixing oil and water!

French cuff

french cuff 2


Cuff Height: 2.75”

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