Oxford Shirt Fabric

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The oxford cloth is one of our favorite custom shirting materials.

Typically oxford cloth is thought to be a more casual fabric, but depending on the weave and finishing it can be very formal as well. There are three main types of oxford; plain, royal or pinpoint.


This is with what most people associate oxford. It’s casual, thicker and more durable than most other fabrics. It’s often untreated with chemicals, giving it a much more natural look. Oxford will wrinkle, but that only adds to the charm and feel of the fabric.


Pinpoint is a finer fabric than plain oxford. It is quite durable, and has less sheen (or shine) than most dress shirt fabrics. The Pinpoint oxford can take more wear and tear than your typical dress shirt (ex. Twill) and because of this pinpoint is a favorite among people who often travel for work, or wear dress shirts everyday.

Royal Oxford

Two of our most popular fabrics, the Charles and tanner (link) are royal oxford. Royal oxfords are dressier than pinpoints and have a beautiful sheen to them. The yarns used to make this fabric are much finer than the plain and pinpoint weaves, because of this a royal oxford is much lighter and more resilient.


The oxford cloth is a basketweave, where weft and warp threads are crisscrossed one with another.




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