Should I Monogram My Dress Shirt?

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Monograms can be a window into your soul.

A monogram is a small embroidery of 2 or 3 initials from your name. Originally monograms helped identify shirts when you took them to get laundered. Men today monogram their shirts to give them an additional level of personalization.

Monograms can tell a lot about someone. We’ll get into that later, but we’ll start with the classic Woodies label monogram.

At Woodies we monogram the inside label of every shirt we make. For us, this carries a lot of meaning. All of our shirts and chinos are custom made, there’s no small, medium or large and we wanted to convey that to the customer in some meaningful way. That’s where the monogram in the initial came from… “There’s no small medium or large, just you” was one one of our initial tag lines.

That monogram is on the inside of the shirt. So it’s something that only you see.

Monograms On Your Shirt

At Woodies we offer the option to monogram your left or right shirt cuff in a variety of colors.

Choosing to monogram your cuff depends on your personality. Here are some basic questions to determine if a monogram is right for you…

  1. Do you like to stand out? If yes, then monogram
  2. Do you want other people to know that you buy custom shirts? If yes, then monogram


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